New Plymouth

Garth Clarricoats
Financial Adviser - FSP124024

An Insurance Adviser since 1993, Garth specialises in Insurance, Mortgage and KiwiSaver advice tailored to his client’s needs. He describes his greatest areas of expertise as, “having two ears and one mouth” and finding the right solutions for his people. Garth is often complimented on how he values relationships. “I like people; and finding the best solutions is a lot like giving them a hug, it makes everyone feel good”.

With qualifications and experience in management, training as a culinary chef and many years of social work, Garth has developed a “natural” ability to understand your needs. He gives a damn; he really, truly cares about financial issues that cause you to lose sleep at night; things he could help solve with good insurance, mortgage and KiwiSaver advice.

Garth enjoys engaging with people who genuinely want to have a meaningful relationship and want to benefit themselves and others by seeking good advice. He is renowned for his values of honesty, integrity and another great asset – humour. Garth believes in being serious about what matters and having fun with the rest. He jokes that his 20 year career in financial advice has been a “life sentence”; but after more than 25 years; it’s just preventative detention?

While Garth is well-known and respected for his quirky, smart and witty sense of humour, his true personality is often defined as a gentleman with old school values who will still open a door, pull out a chair or stand up on a bus.

His work has been recognised by many

  • Financialalert Person of the Year 2009 – Portfolio Construction Forum
  • Fellow; Institute of Financial Advisers 2009 – IFA (predecessor to Financial Advice New Zealand)
  • Midweek Person of the Year 2013
  • Financial Advice NZ Community Service Award 2019

He is humble about these recognitions. “Just do the right thing;” he says.

Garth’s Diploma in Management helps with business operations; but it’s his personal experience from the School of Hard Knocks with a post-grad from the University of Life that he values the most. He loves discussing the problems that people don’t want to talk about; the “what if” stuff like, “what if I get sick or die?” or “what if I have to retire?”. His favourite is “If I get divorced, do I have to give my ex half the lawnmower and can I cut it with his half of the chainsaw?”

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