Mt. Maunganui, Tauranga

Graeme Shanks
Financial Adviser - FSP108950

Graeme began his career in Australia in 1988 and 6 years later he returned to New Zealand where he has since successfully established and grown on his business Graeme Shanks Limited t/a SHARE in beautiful Mount Maunganui. He has been involved within the Insurance industry for over 30 years. An Authorised Financial Adviser, Graeme specialises in Personal Risk Insurance for business owners, families and individuals.

Graeme’s business values are based on approachability, honesty and professionalism, and he has been complimented on his respectful, quiet, unassuming mannerism that allows him to create the best tailored advice suited to his clients. His direct can-do attitude derives from previous experiences and knowledge of what works best and following his instinct. He treats people like people, not as numbers or with a cookie cutter, robotic approach.

Graeme has a natural talent and ability to communicate his knowledge in laymen’s terms to his clients. He is passionate in helping clients at claim time to achieve the best outcome possible deriving from being the knowledgeable advocate that knows how the insurers work. Proof of his success as an Insurance Adviser is the countless referrals and recommendations he receive from friends and colleagues. His respectful, trusted and meaningful relationship building demeanour makes it easy to see why his clients become long-term friends.

Graeme’s biggest professional accomplishment is securing successful outcomes for people who have had claims denied on every occasion through Claims advocacy negotiations.

His ideal clients are young families looking to set up their future Financial Security and seeking valuable information into how to gain that reward through a trusted adviser. He is passionate about relating the need of insurance to the young and healthy and then securing the best possible premium rates that can be fixed for many years to give budget certainty. Educating young healthy ‘bullet proof’ people into the benefits of future insurance is a challenge he relishes and is driven to achieve.

Graeme believes in continually increasing his knowledge through education and therefore can guarantee his clients the most up-to-date and relevant advice. He is complimented on consistently highlighting people worth, the worth of co-workers and family members as people forget that they are not invincible and cannot see the wood through the trees.

Physical Address:
483 Maunganui Road, Tauranga 3116