If you want to buy a house, or some other large asset, then typically you will borrow some money from a lender (e.g. a bank) and pay it back to them over an agreed timeframe. Because you are “using” their money, they will charge you a fee – called interest. Interest paid on a mortgage can be either a fixed rate or a floating rate, which means it either stays constant for a time or moves up and down variably.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned property investor, the process of finding the right mortgage can be filled with stress and emotion.

A house will most likely be your most expensive purchase, so you want to be sure that it is an asset and not a liability. Obtaining the right mortgage will be a deciding factor. That's because undisclosed fees or higher-than-expected interest rates can be unpleasant financial surprises, while unexpected delays in the mortgage process will make it difficult to plan your departure from your current residence.

We’ll help you choose the right home loan and repayment plan to suit your needs. Better still, it’s completely free for you as the banks pay us to provide this service!