Mt. Maunganui, Rotorua, Tauranga

Jim Dowsett
Financial Adviser - FSP107338

Jim has been in the financial service industry for 21 years. He was a builder for 26 years before Jim started in financial services. It is during this time that he learned how to get on with people and use common sense to help solve their problems. Working in collaboration with his clients, Jim help put their minds at rest knowing they’ve done the best possible job of protecting themselves.

Being great at problem solving, he assists his clients at claim time when they are most vulnerable.  Jim does not get paid for the service he offers during this difficult time but because he is passionate about delivering a great job to his clients, he says nothing beats the feeling of satisfaction in having a 100% claim paid track record.

Jim manages his business on trust, reliability and sound advice.  He is often complimented on being approachable, genuine and easy to work with. He wants his clients to know they can rely on him as he will always be there to help them when they need to the most.

Jim’s biggest award in life is the referrals he receives from happy clients.

Physical Address:

Level 1, R251 State Highway 2, Bethlehem
Level 1, 1203 Tutaneki Street, Rotorua