Christchurch, Hamilton

Malcolm Paul
Financial Adviser - FSP486467

Malcolm has over 25 years of experience within the insurance industry. His professional knowledge, excellent communication skills, understanding ability and gentlemanly conduct allows him to tailor insurance financial advice to his many different client’s. Creating insurance portfolios and specific requirement to suit their unique needs. As a Financial Adviser, Malcolm has successfully launched distribution Models in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand with two Multinational Insurance Groups namely AON & Ace Insurance. Malcolm’s has an unprecedented ability and aptitude towards strategic planning and people management, this has resulted in consistent growth year after year with the Companies portfolio of A & H Products.

He is excited about finding the correct insurance covers to adequately protect and safeguard his clients needs. Consistent problems that he enjoys solving include enabling clients to understand and comprehend the long-term value of their long-term insurance’s requirements and the importance of relationships through that journey.

Malcolm is passionate about developing and mentoring staff, giving them the relevant training, support and guidance that they require in order to achieve their goals and company standards insisted upon. This approach directly links and connects towards his insurance advise therefore, guaranteeing the professional approach to getting the best outcome for his client’s insurance needs.

Malcolm believes that developing and creating effective long-term solutions requires personalised mentorship, training support and validation of achievements to acquiring outstanding team results. His areas of expertise are in Operations and Marketing, this has been continuously demonstrated through the successful implementation of a variety of projects designed to generate alternate revenue streams for organizations.

Malcolm believes that to become a trusted Insurance Adviser communication is key to understanding, developing and nurturing long term relationships. His wealth of knowledge and experience in this field is apparent through his ability to manage a team of 600 people through a 4-tiered management structure.

Having been born in Sri Lanka Malcolm is proud of his heritage and ability to relate to people across a multi-cultural background and broad level of understanding to different cultures and beliefs. Malcolm’s business values are based on delivering on what he says, retaining the human personalised touch, valuing individual clients, and intimately knowing his clients and their specific business requirements.

Physical Address:
Unit 5, No 12 Princess Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011