Michelle Cook
Financial Adviser - FSP96284

Michelle is not your typical Financial Adviser. With over two decades of experience in the insurance world, she’s a master at both protecting and growing her clients’ wealth. As a proud member of Financial Advice NZ, Michelle is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and expertise.

Having earned a Graduate Diploma in Personal Financial Planning from Massey University, Michelle combines her in-depth knowledge with her natural ability to connect with people. Her background in Psychology gives her a unique understanding of clients’ concerns and allows her to go above and beyond to meet their insurance requirements.

Michelle’s passion lies in sharing her expertise with newcomers to the world of insurance and investments. She loves witnessing that “light bulb” moment when clients grasp the intricacies of investments and recognize the importance of insurance as a safety net.

With Michelle, you won’t get any beating around the bush. Her honest, direct approach ensures that clients have the right coverage tailored to their needs, all at an affordable premium. She’s a pro at putting financial safety nets in place for uncertain times, growing nest eggs for retirement, and explaining complex concepts in simple terms.

Beyond her profession, Michelle finds joy in spending time with her loved ones, exploring her culinary skills in the kitchen, and pursuing her passion for photography. She constantly hones her craft, capturing breathtaking moments and creating stunning collections.

Michelle’s adventurous spirit led her to jump on a plane at the young age of 22, embarking on unforgettable adventures that shaped her worldview. She carries that same enthusiasm and fearlessness into her work, fighting and advocating fiercely for her clients.

To recharge, Michelle takes leisurely walks, savours different wines, cherishes uninterrupted moments with her children, and supports her local community through charity events. Through it all, she cherishes the wisdom she’s gained: appreciating the value of time and treasuring every fleeting moment.

Connect with Michelle today and discover how her passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication can help you navigate the world of insurance and investments, and secure a brighter financial future.

Physical Address:
12 Wilmshurst Place, Linden, Wellington