Richard Thomas
Financial Adviser - FSP104768

Hey. Thanks for reading this. Reading this makes you an especially important person. It means you are either a client, or perhaps want to be one. In our view that makes you the most important person in our business. We put the client at the top of the tree. The centre of our universe. Without our clients, we have no business.

Lots of website bios talk about the adviser or the business. We know you do not really care that Richard has been an adviser for over 30 years or has been in SHARE since the start. We know it is not that important to know that Richard is the Chair of SHARE and has been for ever. We know how you don’t give a damn that Richard has given back to the industry and the community by being on committees and boards in both the community and industry.

We think it is more important for you to know that you will be treated with respect. Your interests will be put above the interests of Richard and his team. We want to ensure that you get peace of mind through quality advice.

You know, simple stuff really. To enable you and your family to have a financially secure life, you need to know how to spend less and save more. If you save more, you pay off debt quicker. Then there is the insurance stuff. We want you to climb the ladder of financial security, but the insurance stuff will ensure you will not end up back where you started if the rung on the ladder breaks.

It is all about you. That’s why we do the education stuff. That’s why we do the regulation stuff. That’s why we have access to lots of product suppliers, while having contracts with none of them. That’s why we give all our advice in writing and protect the information you give us. Hey, we even have a formal complaint process, but don’t think you will ever need to use it. We have a transparent disclosure statement too, showing you all the stuff you need to know to enable you to make an informed decision.

Even our staff aren’t as important as you. Yes, of course they are fairly important, but they know your needs come first. Our staff are awesome and completely understand our philosophy that you are at the top of our tree. Our family is important too, but not as important as yours. Not while we are at work anyway.

So, come on in. Give us a try, I am certain you will not be disappointed.

Physical Address:
Level 6, John Wickliffe House, 265 Princes Street, Dunedin