Todd Allan
Financial Adviser - FSP708551

Hey there! I’m Todd Allan – Financial Adviser.

My life insurance journey began in 2002 when I stumbled upon it whilst finishing my Diploma in IT. Little did I know over 20 years later I’d become a huge advocate for the support the industry provides to the people of New Zealand. I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of Personal and Business insurance having worked previously in a variety of roles for 3 of NZ’s largest Life Insurance companies.

I am the sole owner of my own business TBA Insurance Limited T/A SHARE and through my time on the corporate side of the fence I’ve been fortunate to have experienced how insurance helps people at every step of the way, and I have a strong foundation of the inner workings of an insurer and how to best help clients. Over my time in the corporate space I’ve experienced many claims, but my big turning point was when I spent 6 months off work thanks to a dodgy one way valve in my oesophagus, thankfully I had Income Protection insurance which kept money coming in the door, the bills paid, and the lights on while I recovered and got back to eating steaks again. This experience whilst horrible at the time reinforced why I love doing what I do, and just how much insurance can help.

As an Insurance Adviser, I get to put all my knowledge to work to help clients find the insurance options that are right for them, protecting them to keep forging on to reach their own financial goals, and providing a helping hand when the time comes to make a claim – having gone through this first hand I know what is needed when you’re not in a position to think about it yourself.

I’ve spent all of my Life in Auckland, barring a couple of years living in London. I am not a first time dad and fill as much of my time as I can helping my son uncover his new world. From getting out an about exploring beaches and the awesome bush walks we have on our Waitakere door step, to trying things like lemon for the first time….it’s an awesome experience for all of us.

My focus for clients is to keep insurance simple. It’s an industry that loves jargon, and complicated products and processes, having me in your corner to help simplify this at every step of the way is what I do best!