Kapiti Coast, Wellington

Tracey Jones
Financial Adviser - FSP67701

Tracey has been a Financial adviser since 2002, specialising in Risk Insurance Protection for individuals and families as well as providing risk solutions for Business Partners. Her area of expertise is in Personal and Business Risk Insurance and now more recently Microbusiness Risk Management. This is the assessment of risk for microbusiness owners and collaborating with accountants to add value to their client offering.

Tracey is a Financial Adviser and a member of Financial Advice NZ, the Kapiti Chamber of Commerce and Women in Business. She enjoys public speaking and running presentations for groups on how to understand and optimise ACC for the self-employed. She is inspired to continually learn and be passionate about fine tuning your craft, experience makes the difference!

Tracey is good at understanding financial accounts and the more detailed aspect of business risk, delving into every aspect of how their business operates, drawing up operational diagrams and spreadsheets, discussing financials with their accountant and recommending risk management plans.

Tracey and her husband Niel own the business and have a fantastic reputation that they are very proud to have achieved, Niel specialises in Mortgages and Home Loans. Together they offer an exceptional and ongoing Financial Insurance service to their clients gaining trust and advocating on their behalf at claim time, they are truly passionate and care about their outcomes.

Tracey’s business values are that “The experience of insurance should provide you with certainty that you have received great advice and you have a financial adviser alongside you that you trust”. Tracey strongly believes that by changing people’s perception of, and attitude towards Insurance, that clients should feel good about their insurance covers. Client’s should feel that their adviser’s recommendations will work for them at claim times. She reassures and satisfies clients that their cover will be more than what they expect, and that she will be there to look after them till the end. Tracey has reached a professional stature whereby her clients trust her advice and recommendations without question.

Tracey won the 2017 ‘Insurance Excellence Award’ at the National Advisers conference, which was a great accreditation to her Financial Advisory skills. However, Tracey’s educational training in accounting and hospitality has set her apart from other Financial Advisers as she has a clear understanding of how the figures must tie up in order to make sense, and how a great attitude towards people has proved to be welcomed in providing an invaluable customer service. Tracey was also a travel consultant for 6 years selling wholesale packages for the perfect holiday, this combination of work history ensures that she has a clear understanding of people’s expectations and demands that clients are firstly heard and understood before they are given any financial plans.

Tracey’s clients range from self-employed, micro-business owners, higher income bracket clients who want a trusting relationship with honest insurance policies in place for their individual needs.

Another of Tracey’s hidden talents was obtaining her Pilot’s licence (PPA) when she was 26, changing her perspective in terms of realising the potential of what she could achieve if she actually tried.

Physical Address:
4 Maclean Street, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu