Wikus Erasmus
Financial Adviser - FSP111566

I’ve experienced insurance first hand in my personal life and that has played a vital part to where I am today. The passion I have for my faith, friends, and my family, both as a husband and a father, has led me to excel in this ever-evolving People industry of insurance.

So I’ve made the decision to switch careers in 2006 away from the corporate IT business to a world that I’ve always loved – People!

I want to ensure that I positively impact each and every person I come into contact with. Whether it is in a business or personal capacity.

It’s simple. My motto is “If I pay the premiums for it, insurance should work AS I expect it to and also WHEN I expect it to work”. And that is my heart for you as well:To remove the surprises and provide as much security around you, your family and your business as you require.

My background in the corporate IT infrastructure and business ownership has given me the skill-set to think Big-picture and long-term solutions. And that design, implementation and maintenance of big corporate networks allows me to put together insurance packages that deliver when it matters most – Claim time!!

Whether it’s a simple personal Life insurance policy or it involves Mortgage Cover, Medical insurance and Serious sickness’ events like Cancer or Heart attacks. Or perhaps the more corporatized business insurances you need for you and your staff.  My team and I can jump into action and focus on getting paperwork sorted while you focus on the medical event that just occurred.

Together, let’s make sure your insurance packages work FOR you when “Life” happens TO you.

Physical Address:

28 Constellation Drive, Rosedale, Auckland