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Celebrating excellence with our award-winning advisers
Peter Leitch of SHARE receiving the Outstanding Adviser Award for Insurance

Ever since SHARE was established, putting clients’ needs, goals and outcomes first has always been our number-one priority, with our advisers sharing a common passion and commitment to Kiwis’ financial health.

In this spirit, it was great to see two of our advisers – Peter Leitch and Garth Clarricoats – be recognised for their hard work at the 2019 Financial Advice New Zealand Awards, among 50 outstanding nominees. Here’s what made judges take notice.

2019 Outstanding Adviser, Insurance – Peter Leitch

A qualified expert in Insurance and Investments, Wellington-based Peter Leitch has been assisting clients since 1994. As a recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Adviser Award, Peter was acknowledged for his professional excellence and the well-respected advice business he has created.

In presenting the award, the judges commented on Peter’s approach to advice, and in particular his commitment to advice being delivered with clients’ best interest in mind.

“I am privileged to receive this award, and I think it is an accurate reflection not only on my business, but the business of SHARE as a whole, where our culture is and has always been client-focused,” Peter said. “The role of a financial adviser is a privileged position to have, whether it be to a person or a business. Providing personalised and often face-to-face advice in an increasingly technology-focused world is particularly important and reassuring.”
Congratulations once again, Peter!

2019 Community Services Award – Garth Clarricoats

Since he became an adviser in 1993, Taranaki-based Garth Clarricoats has always been true to his promise: “Client first, last and always.”

An experienced Insurance, Mortgage and KiwiSaver adviser, Garth describes his greatest areas of expertise as ‘having two ears and one mouth’, and finding the right solutions for his clients. But his extensive knowledge and quirky sense of humour weren’t the only qualities that made Garth stand out.

As Financial Advice NZ judges explained, “Over the past 15 years, Garth has committed to extensive community service and in particular has volunteered his governance expertise to community charities, to help them become financially resilient and to realise their vision for the community. We were inspired by both Garth’s contributions to the community and his belief that we have a responsibility to help others have a good life and to leave the world a better place than we found it.”

“While I really appreciate being nominated for, and receiving, this award, I’m also humbled by it,” Garth explained.

“This profession is all about making a difference in the lives of people when it really matters. That includes sharing my skills in any way I can to make the world I live in a better place for those who come after me. I believe it’s really important to plant trees that other people will be able to rest under.”

Striving for excellence

If it’s true that the strength of a team lies within each individual member, these awards are further proof that the SHARE team is making a difference, by taking the time to understand our clients’ circumstances and engaging with them every step of their financial journey.

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