I want capital to fund a share / partnership buy out

I want capital to fund a share / partnership buy out

How do you feel about ending up in business with your deceased partner's widow's second husband's lawyer?

If one of your business partners or shareholders became seriously disabled or died, its essential that you have some certainty over the future control and ownership of your business. Its equally as important that your estate receives a fair price for your share or business interests if you become seriously disabled or die.

Business succession planning can provide predictable outcomes for both situations. By providing the right amount of money to the right parties, it provides you, your estate and your business partners with choices.

Life Insurance, Trauma Insurance and Total Permament Disablement Insurance are just three solutions you might use but there are many other non-insurance solutions too. Its a complex area that requires the specialist knowledge of your SHARE adviser.

Your SHARE adviser is specially trained to advise small and medium sized businesses on business succession planning. So give them a call today to start the ball rolling.