I want to use a private hospital for medical care

I want to use a private hospital for medical care

Its hard to know what your health will be like in the future.

Unfortunately, its unlikely that treatment for all of your family's health issues will be available through the public health care system.  This means you have no control over when or where you receive treatment. It also means you might have to pay for it.

Waiting lists for specialists, diagnostic testing and surgery are common place and if your treatment is urgently required you would have no choice but to fund it from your own pocket.

Health Insurance is the answer.

Health Insurance means you choose your specialist, surgeon, hospital, treatment provider and timing of your procedure knowing that all or most of the cost will be covered by your insurance company.

Not all Health Insurance policies cover the same health issues or provide the same benefit levels. Your SHARE adviser can guide you through a variety of Health Insurance covers so your policy meets your needs.