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When good Insurance advice is also timely

Expect the unexpected – It’s easier said than done. Especially when we are young, healthy and fit, many of the worst-case scenarios simply aren’t on the radar.

But as Nicholas learnt on an otherwise unremarkable morning, life has a way of twisting and turning in unforeseen directions. The reality is, we can’t prevent things from happening. What we can do is listen to good advice and be prepared.

“I thought my lifestyle would help insure my future”

A self-employed chiropractor, Nicholas has always been proud of his dynamic lifestyle. With 25 previously completed marathons under his belt, and another one in the pipeline, he was going through life feeling energetic, secure – bulletproof. That’s when he started thinking about reducing his level of cover.

Seven years prior, his SHARE adviser Mark Armstrong had helped him put in place a comprehensive Insurance plan, including Trauma cover. Feeling he no longer needed Trauma Insurance, Nicholas met Mark again and discussed the opportunity to cancel it. Mark advised him not to do it, and recommended he take some extra time to think about it all. It would prove to be a wise move.

“I was walking up the hill to my regular café and felt tightening of my chest with arm and jaw pain. I knew what was happening and got myself to hospital,” Nicholas recalls. “I was admitted and tests were run. I had pericarditis, causing a heart attack. I had to stay in hospital for the week while the medical staff worked out what had happened and whether I was in any danger.”

While still in the hospital, he received a call from his Insurance adviser, who had seen a post on Facebook detailing the ordeal. “He was able to put my mind at ease at how my family would be looked after while I recovered, as my Trauma cover would help us financially after this major event,” Nicholas explains.

Mark was also there to facilitate the claim process. The seamless payout experience helped Nicholas focus on his recovery without financial pressure.

It’s about buying time

When life throws a curveball our way, it can be hard not to lose our footing. But this is what

Insurance is about – being prepared, and having choice. As SHARE adviser Mark Armstrong points out, certain life events can affect us on many different levels; physically, financially, and emotionally. Getting cover is a way to reduce the impact, and give yourself and your family a buffer to get back on your feet.

The fact is, when things are going smoothly in our lives, it can be difficult to fully understand the value of Insurance until there is a claim. So that’s where SHARE Insurance can make a difference, helping you make informed decisions for your future, without emotions getting in the way.

For Mark, good Insurance advice is about the relationship, not the transaction. Interestingly enough, it was the great long-term relationship he’s always had with his own adviser that led him to leave his accounting job and join the Insurance industry. He’s never looked back.

“I guess the most rewarding thing is building relationships with some really good people, our clients, and seeing them comfortable with the position they end up in,” says Mark. “Our job is to help them understand the policy they have in force, and what’s claimable. One size doesn’t fit all, so to help them find the right options, we need to be good listeners, respectful and empathetic.”

According to Mark, the ongoing relationship adds all the more value. “We touch base with our clients at least annually, and beyond that we will be in touch as often as they ask us to be,” he says. “Ongoing relationship provides for ongoing reviews to make sure that the covers remain appropriate and relevant and affordable.”

For Nicholas and his family, working with an adviser meant the difference between financial hardship and recovery and relief.

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