Fire & General

It is highly likely that at some stage in your lifetime you will have the need to fix or replace some of your belongings due to unforeseen circumstances like accident, fire or theft. Fire and General Insurance includes all Home, Contents, Car, Commercial and Farm cover for loss or damage and ensures you will not be disadvantaged if the unexpected happens.

Fire and General Insurance

  • Assessors and Loss Adjusters

    Someone who acts on behalf of an insurer, or the insured, who looks at the circumstances of a loss and determines what an insurer will pay in the event of a loss.

  • Contents

    These are personal possessions, for example, things like bicycles, furniture, computers, equipment, jewellery, business tools, carpets, curtains.

  • EQC

    The Earthquake Commission is a New Zealand Government agency that provides a level of natural disaster insurance to residential property owners.

  • Excess

    An excess is the amount you must contribute toward a claim for each insurable event that occurs.

  • Home or House

    Each house, residential flat or holiday home insured within the boundaries of the property, specified in your insurance policy schedule.

  • Indemnity Value / Present Day Value / Market Value

    This is an item’s current value allowing for its age and condition, immediately before the loss or damage happened.

  • Policy Schedule

    This sets out the individual details of your insurance including the items being insured, your details, and excesses, the premiums due and any exceptions or special terms.

  • Premium

    This is the amount you pay the insurer to have your property or personal effects insured. Depending on the type of cover you have, your premium can also include Earthquake Commission and Fire Service levies. When you pay your premium, you accept the policy offered by the insurance company.

  • Replacement Cover Based on a Sum Insured

    Sum insured insurance provides full replacement cover for accidental damage to your property, up to an agreed sum insured amount. It’s important that the sum insured covers the full rebuild cost of your home. Your insurer may include or exclude GST in the sum insured amount. Depending on your insurer those costs may include:

    • The rebuild costs of your home as well as other structures such as decks, driveways, fencing, pools, carports and garages;

    • The costs for materials and finishing’s to get your house back to the same quality;

    • An allowance for professional fees such as architect or council fees.

    • An allowance for professional fees such as architect or council fees.

    • Demolition costs

  • Replacement Cover Based on Floor Area

    This insurance provides for total replacement based on the insured floor area of your home for accidental damage to your home (conditions and limits will apply, depending
    on your insurer).

  • Total Loss

    When damage to a property is so severe that it becomes uneconomical to repair.
    For a building, this means it needs to be demolished and rebuilt.